About us

The Sherman Oaks Cooperative Nursery School provides a developmentally appropriate program, individualized to each child’s needs. Our program promotes social, emotional, language, intellectual and physical development within an early childhood environment. We emphasize positive communication and the use of problem solving tools. Our goal is to build a foundation to support social and intellectual competence both at school and at home.

For the child

  • A safe, caring environment
  • Curiosity and exploration are encouraged
  • Self-esteem is enhanced
  • Students play and socialize with children and adults in a 1:4 adult to student setting
  • Assistance with transition from home to school environment
  • Learn at a developmentally appropriate rate

For the parent

  • Opportunity to increase understanding of children
  • Place to learn and teach
  • Supportive atmosphere where experiences are shared with other parents
  • A voice in the school’s decisions and policy making